Indonesia is available to download NOW.

Diverse Roots latest project 'Indonesia' is now released.The six songs really have been written and created with heart, colour and depth, to inspire the listener to embrace the positive energising message that Jaz was always intending to create. It also offers an insight to the vibrancy of such a diverse country and culture of Indonesia. With Delicious Duets to Delightful Dance to Rocky Pop to Rambunctious Reggae, this E.P has something for everyone. Jaz was wanting a more fuller sound and opting more for the full band feeling, rather than just him and the acoustic, to evolve from his first E.P.It features funky bass melodies from Patrick Nielsen (who also helped co-write some of the songs and develop the album), dance drums from Rowan Hindry, soothing soulful singing from Moudy Amalia and rewarding rapping from Wilstar. Feel free to download and enjoy this musical piece of art.

Live session on BBC Radio 21-11-2020
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