//  Origin:  East of England
//  Genres: Blues, Rock, Soul,Jazz
//  Years Active:  2006- Present
//  Label:  Star Studios
Short Bio

Jaz Bailey, known as Diverse Roots, uses the pseudonym to create a platform for any person from a ‘diverse root’ or background to feature on his music tracks.  Focussing on the music, Diverse Roots  features musicians no matter what ethnicity.

Inspired by Stevie Wonder’s song ‘Superstition’, Jaz bought his first guitar at the age of 16 and within the first year had written and produced his first recordings entitled ‘Music is every Emotion’.

The first collaboration of Diverse Roots came from working with an aspiring musician from Norwich a rapper by the name of Wilstar. They produced a self-titled E.P that began to create good movement with local radio stations playing their songs.

Music groups: 

Fail In Duty (2007-2008),

Smoking Aces (2008-2010)

Diverse Roots  (2010-to date)